3 Channel Universal Receiver EVO IP45

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Description / 3 Channel Universal Receiver EVO IP45


• The 3-channel radio receiver can operate up to 3 different openers or applications. The relays are potential-free. The radio receiver can also be connected to controls requiring separate OPEN, CLOSE and STOP functions.

• Channel 1: max. 50 transmitters – Channel 2: max. 20 transmitters – Channel 3: max. 20 transmitters

• Compact design

• Narrow band receiver with 6 frequencies for 868 MHz and 433 MHz

• Compatible with all Evolution 868-MHz and 433-MHz transmitters: TX2EVS, TX2EV, TX4EVS, TX4EV, TX4UNIS, TX4UNI and 747EV

• IP class: IP45 for use outdoors

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Category Automation Accessories
Manufacturer Liftmaster