Builder's Tea Box Portable Brew Kit

Never be without the key essentials for tea and coffee on the go with the Builder’s Tea Box - Portable Tea & Coffee Making Kit.

Completed with a 600ml Cordless Kettle providing enough for 2 cups of tea/coffee or your favourite hot beverage. Our kit is compact, lightweight and includes a moulded carry case holding all the accessories in place.
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• Strong and sturdy carry case with moulded interior
• Handy removable shoulder strap for convenience
• 600ml Cordless Kettle with automatic/manual switch off
• 2 enamel cups to provide a cuppa for yourself and a companion
• 2 enamel containers to store tea, coffee or sugar
• 1 stainless steel spoon
• Weight of complete product: 2.18kg

Technical Information (Kettle):
• Wattage: 600W
• Voltage: 220-240V
• Frequency: 50-60Hz
• Maximum Capacity: 600ml