Hormann Sectional Door Cables

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Description / Hormann Sectional Door Cables

A pair of genuine Hormann Sectional Door Cables.
N, L, Z and H Track Options Available.
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Please ensure you select the correct Track and Height option to suit your requirements - See Table Below.

Track Style Door Height Hormann Part Number SWR Part Number
Up to 2250cm 3064375 HOR3064375
Over 2250cm 3064376 HOR3064376
Up to 2065cm 3064358 HOR3064358
Up to 2190cm 3064359 HOR3064359
Up to 2240cm 3064360 HOR3064360
Up to 2250cm 3064361 HOR3064361
Up to 2490cm 3064362 HOR3064362
Up to 2830cm 3064363 HOR3064363
Up to 3000cm 3064364 HOR3064364
1875cm 3064346 HOR3064346
1955cm 3064347 HOR3064347
2000cm 3064348 HOR3064348
2080cm 3064349 HOR3064349
2125cm 3064350 HOR3064350
2205cm 3064351 HOR3064351
2250cm 3064352 HOR3064352
2375cm 3064353 HOR3064353
2500cm 3064354 HOR3064354
2625cm 3064355 HOR3064355
H TRACK Up to 1875cm 3064365 HOR3064365
Up to 2000cm 3064366 HOR3064366
Up to 2125cm 3064367 HOR3064367
Up to 2250cm 3064368 HOR3064368
Up to 2375cm 3064369 HOR3064369
Up to 2500cm 3064370 HOR3064370
Up to 2625cm 3064371 HOR3064371
Up to 2750cm 3064372 HOR3064372
Up to 2875cm 3064373 HOR3064373
Up to 3000cm 3064374 HOR3064374

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Category Cones and Cables
Manufacturer Hormann