Novomatic 423 Operator and Boom Kit

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Description / Novomatic 423 Operator and Boom Kit

In the Novomatic operator, you will find one powerful automatic unit that’s suitable for up-and-over garage doors as well as sectional ones. The supremely reliable, nearly silent belt drive operator incorporates a courtesy light and an internal quick release.

The opener can be further enhanced with additional handsets, miniature wall-mounted push button controllers, key switches, and coded keypads. You can feel completely safe with these great additional features.
The top-quality toothed belt rail is fully wear resistant and will ensure a quiet smooth running along with long-term reliable garage door operation. The belt is further reinforced on the inside with five-fold steel cables that are oil and acid resistant, making the unit completely maintenance free.

The Novomatic’s flat operator head can be turned by 90 or 180 degrees if required. This can save up to 15 centimetres worth of space when the slide-in depth has been reduced to the wall’s construction. The operator track won’t have to be shortened, either.


Advanced technology belongs in a modern casing. Novomatic 423 is trendy and stylish. It is the professional system for operating sectional and up-and-over garage doors. This garage door operator is a particularly good match for Novoferm garage doors, but is also perfect for retrofitting other garage door makes.


  • Modern, energy-saving LED lighting (1.6 W)
  • Low power consumption in standby mode (0.5 W)
  • Connection for outdoor lighting up to 500 W
  • Premium quality backed up by our 5-year warranty*
  • Soft start and soft stop function
  • Self-monitoring automatic cut-off and electronically monitored push-up safeguard
  • The remote control unit has automatic signal encryption to ensure the utmost protection against manipulation
  • Air vent settings for garage ventilation
  • Easy to operate, with user-friendly menu
  • smartGarage mobility app for controlling sectional garage doors
*on all mechanical, motor and motor control components

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Category Operators
Manufacturer Novoferm