Remootio 3 Smart Garage Door Opener

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Description / Remootio 3 Smart Garage Door Opener

Three ways to connect

Bluetooth: You can control your gates even when WiFi is not available at your gates or when the internet service is down.

Wi-Fi: Connect Remootio to your home WiFi and control your gates from anywhere within your house. In this mode, no data goes through the internet.

Internet: You can control and monitor your gates from anywhere in the world.


No external bridge or hub is needed. It's all built into the device. 

It also works in parallel with your traditional remote controller.

Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, SmartThings

Remootio 3 is compatible with Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and SmartThings so you can use voice commands to open or close your garage door.

You can also add a personal phrase in the Remootio app and open or close your gates with Siri shortcuts.


Close or open your gate or garage door at certain times of the day. You can set up as many automations as you wish.

For example, Remootio can open your gate every working day at 9:00 AM and close it at 6:00 PM. (You can choose any day of the week and any time of the day.)
You can add as many automations as you wish.

Check gate status

You can check whether your gate is open or closed from the Remootio app any time. You can also ask Alexa or Google home if your garage door is closed.


Get notified when someone operates your gate, someone rings the doorbell, or when the gate has been left open.

Apple Watch app

Use the Remootio apple watch app to control your gate from your wrist.

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